Decorate the beautiful garden with bamboo

To create a beautiful garden house, there are many styles to decorate, including: modern trends, classic European styles, Japanese garden houses with a zen style, etc. For the Vietnamese, a style Indispensable when it comes to decorating the house with bamboo, it is very close and familiar.

Bamboo is increasingly used in garden design because it is a plant that feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter by forming a rampart, both blocking the wind and effectively shading the sun. Not only present in the form of clumps, dust, bamboo, but also formed into roof frames, tables and chairs, curtains, bringing closeness to nature and comfort.

Bamboo has many uses

The use of bamboo for makeup is even more appropriate. Because with the characteristic of the garden house is to create closeness to nature, most of the wood materials are used in the frame, door, and furniture systems with wooden materials instead of modern materials such as plastic and metal. There are many families who use bamboo to replace wood, both saving costs, while bamboo material still ensures durability, eye-catching color no different from perennial wood species.

Using bamboo helps to save construction material costs

Bamboo can be left whole to bring the maximum feeling of harmony with nature, and can be transformed into blinds and curtains to grace the door frames. According to calculations by construction experts, a house can use up to 90% of bamboo components, from house structure, walls and especially furniture, bringing an overall close to the home. nature.

The house is close to nature when decorated with bamboo

Compared to wood, bamboo is cheaper because it grows in a short life cycle. Meanwhile, in terms of quality, durability and beauty, bamboo is only inferior to precious wood species. Moreover, a very characteristic advantage of bamboo is creating a feeling of coolness in summer and warmth in winter. There are many pores on the bamboo body, the tube structure has holes inside, so the bamboo will give off cold air at night. Even if it is a tree that has been harvested and processed into wood.

The durability of bamboo is very high, suitable for designs

You can use bamboo to create a frame for the roof, form curtains, tables and chairs if you want to bring an airy and pleasant space. When used for outdoor spaces, it is recommended to choose perennial bamboo, which has high heat and water resistance thanks to being carefully painted and handled. Even in resort gardens, people still leave the whole bamboo trunk so as not to lose the natural beauty.

(According to Construction Magazine)